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Mr. Paul Cannon began his career in vinyl upholstery repair and restoration in the late 1970’s. In 1980 Paul attended a local school run by a California chemist. This professor is a pioneer and leading researcher in the field of chemical repair and restoration. Paul attended the series of classes and finished at the top of his class in 1980. As his professor continued to pioneer advances in chemicals and techniques, Paul was again certified in 1986 as a Chemical repair Technician and  expert for leather. From this study, Paul also earned two important degrees, one in 100% Vinyl/Naugahyde Repair and the other is Expert  for leather and Chemical Repair.

Paul has continued to increase his expertise by continually acquiring experience with the latest techniques and using the industry’s most advance processes. Paul is very grateful to many dedicated professionals, like Mr. Joe Scholz, who have opened the doors to new and innovative service industries.

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