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Our Upholstery Restoration Experts Help Newton Highlands, MA, Furniture Last Long

When you have quality furniture that you want to protect and keep in optimal condition, call Cannon’s SPECIALIZED Upholstery Repair. Our dedication to excellence has made us the upholstery restoration experts in Newton Highlands, MA, that home and business owners trust. Our experience and attention to detail empower us to deliver exceptional results every time.

Cannon is fully committed to serving our customers by making their furniture look as good as possible. Whether your restaurant booths need some work, your congregation needs church pew replacement, or your sofas are discolored, our cost-effective services are the most reliable way to maintain their beauty. We work with all types of couches, dining chairs, ottomans, headboards, and more. Prompt attention to your vinyl, leather, and upholstery helps you save money and slow down wear and tear. An investment now can pay off for years.

A Trusted Professional for Antique Couch Upholstery and More

Mr. Paul Cannon began his career by attending a local school run by a leading researcher in chemical repair and restoration. Paul finished at the top of his class in 1980 and was again certified in 1986 as a Chemical Repair Technician and leather expert. He also earned 2 degrees, one in 100% Vinyl/Naugahyde Repair and the other in Expert for Leather and Chemical Repair.

Paul has continued to increase his expertise with the industry’s latest techniques and most advanced processes. He is grateful to the many dedicated professionals, like Mr. Joe Scholz, who have opened the doors to new and innovative service industries.